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Likes to read dystopian fiction, learn and practice programming languages, and listen to 80's New Wave and sythpop. Likes 60's mod fashion, but will always be a closet goth. Gets nostalgic about 90's anime and spends too much time watching horror flicks on Netflix. Has memorized every episode of The Office. Hufflepuff.

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December 1, 2012

Wow, we did a lot of drunk posting from the restaurant last night. SORRY ALL. 

Our anniversary kind of ruled. Our best buddy Sean texted me half way through the day and asked us if we wanted free drinks. Uh, of course we want free drinks. Since our reservation for dinner was fairly late, we met up with him at a bar on South Street where his boyfriend had won a free “Happy Hour” that consisted of…all the free drinks you want. I think it was some kind of mob deal? Not sure, but nobody paid anything, and there were 20 of us there. I had like six gin and tonics. Sorry for the drunk posts. 

To make up for it, here’s some pictures of food! We went all out at Moshulu, because it’s a restaurant on a boat. How can you not go all out? Also, after years of making reservations on Open Table, I finally had saved up enough points for a $100 gift card, so that definitely helped out because the price was steeeep. But I love A, even if my credit card doesn’t love me. 

It was an awesome time. <3 

  1. pipilottirist said: that happy anniversary plate is adorable
  2. stfusexists said: Happy anniversary!! I always wanted to go to Moshulu when I lived around Philly, glad to know it was as amazing as it looks from 95. :D
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Likes admiring hand drawn typography and producing her own, the fine illustrations of JC Leyendecker, the works of JRR Tolkien, mens' fashions of the early 1930's, drinking whiskey, super campy BBC programming, and anything that involves Stephen Fry. Very into classic rock and chinese food. Gryffindor.

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